• Trim Waistline
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Tone Mid-section
  • Promote Liver & Heart Health
  • 30 Servings- 90 Softgels
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Burn Unwanted Belly Fat

100% UNALTERED CLA helps to specifically target visceral fat, otherwise known as “stubborn belly fat”. Unfortunately, this can often times be the hardest kind of fat to burn. Thanks to the fully dosed, and heavy-duty 80% concentration of UNALTERED CLA, you can begin incinerating that unwanted belly fat like never before!



Clinical studies show that at least 3,000mg of CLA is needed to exponentially burn belly fat and trim the waistline.



UNALTERED CLA contains an 80% concentration of its main active ingredient vs. the industry standard of 50-70% concentration.


No Jitters

This all natural, fatty acid contains NO caffeine or any other stimulants that sometimes cause the “jitters” or unwanted heart palpitations.

All Natural

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UNALTERED CLA is an all natural fatty acid that digests easily and contains no artificial ingredients.

CLA’s unique effect on the molecular signaling receptor family known as PPAR also helps to reduce inflammation and promote a healthy metabolism which is needed to safely and effectively burn fat.

In addition, CLA also helps to promote a strong immune system which can often be neglected when following a weight loss program.

To burn belly fat, preserve lean muscle, and promote overall health let 100% UNALTERED CLA be your supplement of choice.

Hidden Benefits


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I used this product for my last fitness competition, along with the other Unaltered Athletics line (fat burners, BCAAs, and whey protein powder) and of course along with the proper diet and work out plan but loved the results! I am also currently using them for my routine workouts during the maintenance phase.


CLA has been great for me. I stack this product along with UNALTERED Chocolate flavor protein and UNALTERED BCAAs for strong, lean muscle gains. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, CLA can aid in additional fat burning and muscle conversion. Another winner from UNALTERED Athletics!


Absolutely an amazing product just like the rest of them... I stack this with protein shake and the fat burner and had worked really good.. update since I can’t write another lol I enjoyed this product so much I have purchased more and will continue to support the unaltered.. thank for providing such a great product greatly appreciated.

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Why do I need CLA?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is an essential fatty acid. In other words, our body does not produce it on its own, we must get it from outside sources like food.

CLA is naturally present in many foods that we eat like chicken, fish, steak, nuts, yogurt, and other similar dairy products.

However, the clinically proven dose to burn belly fat is 3,000mg or above, and the amount of CLA found in such foods is so small, that it is not enough to actually burn belly fat.

As a matter of fact, there is roughly 8mg of CLA per 4 ounces of chicken breast. So in order to get the full dose of CLA needed to burn belly fat, you would need to consume 90+ pounds of chicken breast daily…

This is why we created the 100% UNALTERED CLA, a natural weight loss supplement that utilizes the scientifically tested dose of 3,000mg of CLA at a whopping 80% concentration of its main active ingredient, safflower oil.

If you are looking to slim your midsection and burn off that stubborn belly fat, look no further than 100% UNALTERED CLA!

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