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Are you tired of those stubborn love handles that wrap around your waist and steal your self confidence?

UNALTERED Slim Tighten Tone contains a unique plant-based ingredient that has been scientifically shown to break down belly fat, and take inches off the waistline.

This natural ingredient is known as CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. However, most belly fat burner weight loss pills do not use the correct dose of CLA to see real results.

This is why we created UNALTERED Slim Tighten Tone… to deliver the highest potency of CLA possible, so that women can finally lose that unwanted stomach fat and achieve the body confidence they deserve.

By the way, this product is also keto diet friendly. In other words, this product will not kick you out of ketosis, if you are following the ketogenic diet (however, the keto diet is not required).

  • FAT BURNER FOR WOMEN – Specially formulated with an 80% extract of CLA to help women lose belly fat.
  • SLIM WAISTLINE – CLA breaks down visceral fat so you can take inches off your waistline, which means a slimmer waist!
  • CAFFEINE FREE – These weight loss pills are non-stimulant, which means you won’t have to worry about feeling nauseous or jittery


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the tools and content they need when using our products to achieve real results.

If you are genuinely putting in the work to become better, and you feel that our products are not helping you with your fitness efforts, contact us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

194 reviews for Slim Tighten Tone

  1. Robert

    My wife has been using this for more than a week now and has seen some improvement in her weight loss and how her body is shaping. She has used other products before but this seems to be the one working will be ordering again.

  2. C. Angelastro

    This product was the extra boost I needed. I had been tracking my calories, steps, and working out. I still wasn’t able to get rid of a little bit of stubborn belly fat. Within a few weeks of taking this supplement I saw results!

  3. Loren H.

    This product has been so helpful in getting rid of stubborn belly fat. I workout and eat healthy but using this product has really helped speed up the results. It has only been one month in so I am really excited to see how this product continues to help me!

  4. Kimmylee

    So far I’ve drank these daily and started meal prepping to have a better routine and they work great. No bloating or constipation feeling like some of the other brands. Would totally recommend to friends and family.

  5. Lana M.

    I love this product! I saw a difference in my body composition which motivated me to keep working out. I finished the first bottle and have to buy a new one. Taking these with my main 3 meals a day, helps me with my workouts too. With taking these consistently, I’ve seen a difference in weight and gym performance. Overall this product makes me feel amazing!! Would highly recommend! A+++

  6. Victoria

    I was able to lose some stubborn fat with a combination of this supplement, workout routine and diet. This really helped me drop some fat in a faster period of time. I like the fact that this doesn’t contain any extra additives and does what it’s supposed to do. I’d definitely recommend this product for stubborn fat loss. It works wonders if your diet is also on point.

  7. musky

    I’ve been working out and eating healthy for years now– every time I stop taking CLA for a while and then start taking it again, i notice a huge difference in muscle definition and definitely look and feel leaner. This is a healthy and safe supplement, i highly recommend it!!

  8. Brian

    This product is great for any level of weight loss, whether you’re a beginner like me, or a body builder like the owners of the company. There are four ingredients in these pills, three of them being the capsule. The rest is pure CLA. These pills combined with the belly fat burner are a powerhouse. With the first dose you’ll feel it start to work. Take it with a full stomach, otherwise they can be a bit strong. I appreciate buying from a local, US made company. The pills are easy to take. I would highly recommend this product.

  9. Melissa

    I’m typically not one to take any supplements but I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to tone their tummy. I have been taking it for only about two weeks so far and already feel less bloated and more toned. The picture in the green leggings was two weeks ago, the one in the grey leggings was today. I really like how this doesn’t give me a stomach ache like most supplements do. Looking forward to more progress with the help of this product!

  10. Jordan S.

    This product goes great along side a healthy life style and healthy eating. It’s the perfect boost needed to assist with the stubborn belly fat. It was tough to remember the 3 supplements a day but when I kept up with it I felt great without any discomfort and could see the results working (still working on that flat belly so not including any pictures YET). The product also helped decrease the constant bloat I feel after eating a meal. I like that it’s a clean product without any added caffeine.

  11. kelinyer

    It’s only been 2 weeks and the changes in my body are incredibly, I never thought I was able to see my abs and here they are!!! You can feel the product doing his work right away. I have been sweating as never and my metabolism is on point. I eat healthy and stay active but I was never able to see my core like this. This product is amazing!!! 100% recommended!! Do yourself a favor and get it. Can’t wait to see myself 1 month from now :)

  12. Danielle

    Amazing product! This is a weight loss AID. With a combo of proper nutrition & fitness, you are set up for success with this. I have noticed a visible improvement while on my cut. Highly recommend.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Got these for my girl because she wanted to get rid of some extra quarantine fat, not even a month in and the results are super evident. Her love handle area got significantly more lean and her face showed a huge difference after about a week. The pills themselves are easy to swallow and last you awhile, DEFINITELY recommend these.

  14. Amazon Customer

    I started taking these pills and a few days later started feeling the difference! I usually do about an hour of cardio on a treadmill every day.. these pills have made me sweat like never before. it works!! very excited to see my results in a few weeks.

  15. Paola Pineda-Alvarez

    This product is absolutely amazing. I was skeptical in the beginning because there really isn’t any miracle pill out there. But this is nothing like the rest. This actually activates itself with burning stubborn fat while working out. I work out 5x a week and follow a macro diet and these pills don’t make me feel nauseous like other pills I’ve tried before and the ingredients and great ! I highly recommend getting this product if you’re looking for real results !

  16. Jewels

    I started seeing results within a few days of using this product. I took it 3x a day before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am a generally leaner person however I did noticed my stomach looking flatter and firmer without making any changes to my already (fairly) healthy diet and exercise routine.I felt less thick around the middle and even noticed less “skin folds” when I sat down.I will also say I felt ZERO side effects in terms of it affecting my sleep, focus or overall being!Highly recommend!

  17. Dirk

    Great product for those who exercise regularly and eat healthy, and who are looking to get rid of that last stubborn layer of stomach fat.I was a bit skeptical at first, but after doing some research, I found that the main active ingredient in this product (CLA) has been scientifically shown to break down visceral fat within the mid-section.However, this is not a magic pill (no such thing exists)… it does take work in the gym and the kitchen in order to see results with this product.Highly recommend it for my fellow fitness enthusiasts.

  18. Jessica Hope

    I’ve been taking my Unaltered Slim Tighten Tone pills for almost a month now, and I’ve seen a pretty big difference! I was worried the pills would make me feel jittery like most dietary supplements, but I’ve felt completely normal and I’ve lost a lot of water weight. My body feels optimal right now. Granted, I also work out 3-4x per week and try to maintain a steady diet with a daily calorie restriction, but the pills have been a great added bonus to my daily routine.

  19. Ashley

    I’ve only ever taken a CLA product a short amount of time in the past but I would have to say this product is pretty good! I like that it is in pill form (the one that I took in the past was liquid and let me tell you it didn’t taste great haha) . I definitely like what I’ve seen so far with this product and I would highly recommend it to whoever is on the market for CLA or to anyone who’s been curious about it !

  20. michelle

    I use this supplement everyday, and I’ve seen a difference within a month! I would definitely recommend this to someone over other leading products.

  21. Molly C

    This definitely helped me shred the last bits of excess baby weight i had after having my daughter! After staying on track with diet and exercise, I was still having issues getting those last few pounds off. I believe this product helped me achieve exactly what I was looking for ! It also doesn’t hurt my stomach, which is something I find common with these types of products.

  22. Barbara Rabines

    This pill is just a little extra pizzazz to add to your health plan. It helped me lose weight, but more importantly it took some weight off my conscience whenever I ate unhealthy. No taste or after taste.

  23. Natalia Fumero

    Easy to take but more importantly the effects are amazing. In a couple weeks I look noticeably different and feel more energized!

  24. Kindle Customer

    Loved this product! Started seeing results very quickly. Will be repurchasing once this bottle is out!

  25. Karli

    This product is great. As the main ingredient is CLA, it assists in losing that extra stubborn body fat. I already work out and eat healthy for the most part, but adding this into my plan really helps with that extra bit of fat burning my body needs! CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is an unsaturated fat that is known to aid in weight loss and muscle building. I have taken CLA on and off for about 8 years and every time I take them, I notice a difference!

  26. ashley

    At first I was skeptical of this product as it can be very difficult to find supplements that actually reduce body fat / stubborn tummy fat, but this is the real deal!! Started noticing changes within the first few days! Reduced bloating, feeling tighter in the core, and my abs were showing through again. I do strength training 6 days a week but was coming out of a long bulking period and definitely had put on some tummy fluff. These pills were a lifesaver for helping boost my fat loss and tighten up my core! I thought it was going to take much longer to start seeing results than the first week but I was very pleasantly surprised and feel fantastic. 100% recommend this product ! :)

  27. LesM

    This product goes along side exercise and healthy eating – it is not a magic pill!It’s the perfect addition to my workout routine and healthy diet. Initially I struggling remembering to take it three times a day but once on a schedule, it fit right in.The only time I had side effects (slightly lightheaded) was when I took this too close to my morning coffee. After a little research I spaced my morning out and no issues now!

  28. Allyson

    This product is perfect if you’re looking for something that works with no side effects. I started noticing results relatively quickly after taking this three times a day! My stomach feels less bloated from working out, eating healthy + taking these pills. I highly recommend adding these supplements to your daily routine; you will feel more confident!!

  29. Nakiah

    I love this supplement! I take it daily and it has definitely helped with bloating and toning. It’s amazing and I’ll definitely be buying it again! I take it 3 times a day and I’ve seen great results. Exercising and dieting is necessary but so are supplements such as this one. It definitely helped me see results much faster!

  30. Jessica

    I like the energy it gives how an how i have lost 5 lbs an feel better

  31. Juney

    The product has been amazing so far. I can feel my pant starting to become looser already around my waist.

  32. Tiana Davis

    Weight loss

  33. Jennifer G

    Super happy with this product it does what the bottle says it will do. Happy with results.

  34. Sam Jones

    CLA (main activating ingredient) is a great natural fat burner without getting the jitters or nauseous feeling that other fat burners might give. I have been using this supplement in addition to clean eating and regular weight-lifting and it has been great. I recommend it for women who want to supplement their established nutrition and exercise plan

  35. Michellena Hernandez Saavedra

    This pills work amazing in my body!! First of all, They make my motabolism work way better, they also make me sweeat way more while working out and also when doing cardio. I highly recommend this product if you trying to lose wight and try to lose that belly. Of course all this must be with a regular daily diet to see better results especially in a short term. Highly cardio recommended as well!!

  36. Aleah Franklin

    I’ve only been using this product for about 5 days and I honestly feel a difference. I noticed after a couple days I had no real appetite and went through most of the day without the urge to eat. I am really hoping this helps me drop some of the COVID weight I have slowly put on and just help with managing my eating habits as I get back to a normal routine.

  37. nassima marwa

    I work out and eat healthily but using this product has helped me speed up the results.

  38. Amazon Customer

    I have been taking this for 2 weeks now and I can see the difference on my stomach . My stomach look more tighten and tone and leaner. This product is very effective and can’t believe the result that I get from it.

  39. d

    Great product! Will be able to tell you more once I get a second bottle.

  40. Teresa

    Helps in controlling appetite- have not noticed inch loss but have pound loss

  41. Christine Guerrero

    I have tried many supplements to try and manage my weight. At my age (57), diet and exercise are just not enough! Nothing worked nearly as well as this product! I felt immediate results around my waistline the very first week! If you are like me and struggle with weight issues and need a little assistance, along with diet and exercise, I highly recommend that you try this product. It really assisted me with my weight loss goal thus far.

  42. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using this product for a little over a week and have already noticed a huge difference in my abdominal area. A lot less bloating and they don’t make me sick like some products do. I can’t wait to see where I’m at a month from now!

  43. Domestic Domain

    Combined with my decently healthy diet and regular exercise, this pill definitely enhances my results.

  44. Tanya boykin

    Along with working out Slim Tighten Tone has helped me to get the shape i’ve been wanting which is a slim waist and thicker legs!

  45. Rotceh S.

    Take one with every meal and pair with consistent exercise! I’ve slimmed down since I started using it a month ago. I would recommend this product :)

  46. Amazon Customer

    I usually don’t take dietary supplements but reading the positive reviews on Slim Tighten Tone convinced me to try it out. I follow the suggested use and it works. This has helped me curve my appetite. I love food and I have a weakness when I see food. So when I started my diet and exercise I needed something to help me control my food intake. It’s 2.5 weeks and so far it’s working and the best thing is no after effect. I also noticed I have more energy. Overall, I feel it’s a great product!

  47. C

    It’s amazing! You can definitely tell a difference within the first week!


    Been using this product for about 2 1/2 weeks now. There are no weird jitters, bursts of energy or thermal compenent to it. You will not feel any sort of discomfort with this product. Take one pill with every meal and go about your day.If it wasnt for the ab lines that suddenly appeared, I’d be skeptical because you feel nothing…..but here they are. 😉Get this product! Try it! You won’t regret it. 💪

  49. Kayla Christean Buchanan

    I’ve not been using it too long but it helped after just one day. I’m in love but upset that I can’t find it on Amazon any longer.

  50. Crystal

    It definitely makes me feel fuller for longer, I’ll update once the bottle is gone to talk results.

  51. tarisha fleurmond

    Important to exercise and eat right. Does not give any side effects.

  52. April Morrow

    Love the product. Not hungry. Not jittery or shaky. Will order again.

  53. MHz Chris

    With exercise and lots of water this pills has being working. I’m just a week into taking these pills and my tummy hurts has shed a little fat.. I’ll update with the progress

  54. Amazon Customer

    Started this product hesitant and I am glad I came across it. Combined with healthy eating and not strenuous exercise it does the job. I suffer from thyroid and it has helped my fluctuating pounds balanced !!

  55. Pamelamossey

    I’m excited to see results soon! My belly doesn’t feel as bloated

  56. Carmen Duran-Johnson

    Excellent, just a few days using this and evidently it is working, not only lose already 6 pounds I also feel that I have reduced measures. Definitely I recommend ❣️

  57. Thelly

    I noticed my tummy started to be flat and the softgel was easy to swallow. Also it was not side affected.

  58. F_Rydahz

    I’ve only been on the product for 2 1/2 weeks and I see a big difference in my belly. My stubborn belly fat from having my kids is slowing melting away. I’m not bloated anymore & my belly is start’n to tone & slim down. I’m losing a lot of inches. It helps suppress my appetite and gives me energy. Between working out & eating healthy using this product I see awesome results. It’s a great product and would highly recommend it.

  59. Melany Daga

    I start taking the pills and I could see the difference between 15 days, every person that know I was trying to loose weight after my baby ask me what is my magic secret!! Going for more.

  60. M. Nancy Gomez

    Loved it ! Easy to swallow pills even tho their big. Made me feel light honestly the first week it helped me alot

  61. Amazon Customer

    This product has helped get rid of that stubborn belly fat and give me a flatter stomach. It completely gets rid of my bloating, reduces cravings for most of the day and gives me incredible energy. I’ve tried several weight loss pills and this takes the cake for me! I’ll definitely keep purchasing this product and I’m super excited to see my progress 2 months from now!

  62. Brittany Lyn Royce Bradshaw

    Excited to try this, I see a lot of positive reviews and says no side effects from previous customers which is a huge plus for me. I will definitely update my future progress, and review once I see a difference.

  63. Rebecca K.

    I liked that I felt more full when taking this with meals. I noticed more definition in my abs and tummy area after using this product. I also noticed when i did ab workouts I could feel my stomach muscles work harder.

  64. Paige Dowden

    This product is nice. I was worried about feeling nauseous or having jitter from taking this, but I have not experienced any of that. In the short time taking it, I have already started to see some results. I work out doing HIIT 3-4 times a week and I have a somewhat healthy diet going on right now. I am excited to see my results after using for 30+ days!

  65. Sharai Tarpley

    So far this product helped me lose more pounds!

  66. Fetlework Daley


  67. Kevin

    This product is AMAZING! Make sure you are following a low calorie diet and exercising to get the best results.

  68. Teri Hearne

    I have used this product for 3 weeks now with exercising at least 4x’s a week along with more protein in my regular eating habits, I have lost inches and weight.

  69. Calvin

    Was able to see a difference with body composition

  70. Nikeisha Alston

    I really haven’t seen any results yet,but I believe it will produce the desired result that I want. I know that this will work well with my exercise routine of 45 minutes for four days out of the week.

  71. NANCI

    So this review is coming from an older woman in her 50’s. I eat whatever I want and don’t exercise a whole lot! I try! I am pretty active however! I bought these even though the rest of the reviews were from “young, very active, big time exercisers who eat clean”! I am none of that. But I did want something to help with the ever present belly fat older women face. I have never had it in my life! All my weight goes to my booty. So I bought this hoping it would help quail this issue. It has! I’m not saying I can rock a bikini, but I am saying my stomach is smaller and less bloated for sure. And zero side affects! I love how it just helps me feel thinner in the middle. I haven’t had to deal with the dreaded “pooch” until later in life and this has definitely made a difference. I’m only one month into the product and I will definitely keep using it!

  72. Sade

    Omg !!! Thank you !! This stuff is great !

  73. T Denice

    I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks and will continue to use it to help burn belly fat. My stomach has always been my problem area and since starting Slim Tighten Tone I have noticed a difference in how my clothes fit around my waist and have lost 3 lbs. I have continued to work out and follow a plant-based diet just like I did before taking this supplement. I would recommend it for helping with fat burning!

  74. Diane Luksis

    This is a great product to help with belly fat! I increased the dose to 2 pills at breakfast and 2 at lunch because that what I was used to taking when using CLA and it worked fine. I would definitely recommend this product!

  75. Heather F.

    After taking this I have had more energy, control what I eat and my stomach is getting flat.

  76. Greekiss

    I am going through menopause it has been a very difficult time as you can imagine. I have always been very fit. I workout regularly and although my energy level is not where it used to be due to menopause, I keep at it but I tucker out really fast, I dont feel like myself at all anymore. I started to notice within the last year I have gained a little weight around my mid section and thighs and that has not really every been an issue. so I beefed up my workouts but tuckered out and felt very discouraged. I decided maybe I may need a little help so I started to do some research on supplements. I have a ton of allergies as it turns out. I decided to try this Slim tighten and tone. Honestly, it took a few days but I feel better and I am starting to see an improvement and my clothes are looser too. I have modified my diet and I have been drinking a ton of water, and I am also exercising every day. I believe this is really helping to get me over the hurdle so I can break out of this plateau. So very happy with the results so far. Will order again!

  77. Andrew

    Great stuff! Know you have to actually workout with this! However, it gives the push you need!10/10 recommended

  78. Delores M.

    I love this product. It really curves your appetite. The gel capsules are easy to take, without any nasty after taste. My waist is noticeably smaller after taken these after more than three weeks.

  79. tonya c.

    This product is absolutely amazing. I was skeptical in the beginning because there really isn’t any miracle pill out there. But this is nothing like the rest. Take one pill with every meal and go about your day.If it wasnt for the ab lines that suddenly appeared, I’d be skeptical because you feel nothing…..but here they are.

  80. Kathy

    I take one pill after breakfast and after lunch (I have a slim fast for both) and it really helps me to not feel too hungry in between meals. Also, you get a free bottle to write a review on Amazon!!

  81. Rachel Woodford

    Quit taking my diet pills and started taking these lost 6 pounds!

  82. Jojo Garcia

    I love this product, it definitely help me lose weight and gave me more energy to finish my workouts . I wish I would had found this supplement sooner .

  83. Christina

    So far I really love Unaltered Slim Tighten Tone. On Day 1 of taking it I had already noticed an increase in energy. It wasn’t like a jittery caffeine energy but a natural type energy with no crashes. No heart rate increases or any negative things like that. No stomach ache side effects. I already see a difference and can button a pair of jeans that I couldn’t button. You do have to be a bit active but nothing crazy. And the energy you’ll get gives you enough motivation to be active. If you are on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret this purchase

  84. craig drees

    I have only been taking the supplements for about 15 days, but feel like the supplements are a great addition to my workouts!

  85. Signe H.

    This is a great product helps with my water retention to lose weight I will continue using this

  86. Drea

    After having my son, I had a hard time losing the baby weight, since taking this I’ve definitely noticed a difference, along with a healthy diet and exercise. I definitely feel more energized, even on everyday tasks. Would recommend!

  87. Mollie Dyer

    This helped me get rid of the extra few pounds I couldn’t seem to make go.

  88. Chrissy L

    I’ve only been using for 2 weeks and I can tell my bloating has gone down! Would highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to tighten!

  89. Kimberly Acosta

    I love the product, I can see results and I had just gotten my bottle a few weeks ago. Thank you :)

  90. Ami Zavoda

    I have been using this product for a while now and I can say that it really does work. I workout maybe 3 or 4 times a week and I have noticed a weight loss. I almost noticed I’m less bloated which was a big problem I had. I would definitely suggest this product to anyone who is trying to lose those last few

  91. Commonsense

    I definitely recommend this as I have seen a huge difference in my mid section

  92. Kristy

    After 15 days, I’ve noticed my pants aren’t as snug around my midsection. My abdomen looks leaner. Great product!

  93. Shannon

    Easy to swallow and no after taste. 1 bottle down and plan on continuing with this brand of CLA in my supplement regimen.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Came quickly, nice packaging, easy to swallow. No negative side effects so far, no jitters or sickness which is great. Will need to go longer to see results but so far so good.

  95. Clara

    I have been taking this for 15 days and I really see results. I exercise a little at home and have taken the pill three times a day

  96. Yaniksa Mata

    I have been taking it for 7 days, I can see a difference. =)

  97. christine moemedi

    Still reviewing

  98. Tiff

    I wasnt to sure if it was going to was work and I really like the results I’m starting to notice now

  99. Snowy89

    I felt more full after taking this product.

  100. Michael Bower

    I was pleasantly surprised how this supplement curbed my appetite. My bloat appeared to be reduced as well. Family thought I had lost weight. Clothes felt looser. Would recommend this product.

  101. natalia a.

    My workout have been more intense without the gitters

  102. Philomena

    I am using this product for past 2 weeks, including healthier, low calorie diet and exercise – I have not seen major reduction in the number on the scale yet but my clothes are definitely getting looser. I will keep using it in the hopes of being in much better shape by summer. No side effects whatsoever from the product. Thank you.

  103. KimVPoetry

    I am currently on my weight loss journey, after having had three children. I started taking these and could see a difference within about a week. I have lost inches as well as weight. It’s truly incredible.

  104. CeCe

    This is the best product on the market. I am so happy I tried it. Very Satisfied Customer! Will be ordering more.

  105. Denise C.

    I’ve been taking these for about 2 weeks now and even though my diet has not been it’s best, my belly fat has reduced, noticeably. And Ive been training much less than I typically do so I am quite surprised by the results and will definitely continue taking them for a bit.

  106. Cece Khaleesi

    Absolutely awesomeness, getting my second bottle, this REALLY WORKS. I’ve lost weight fast, and no side effects.. I’m down a shirt and pants size in one month of using this. I didn’t exercise once while taking this and have lost weight.. TRY, TRY, TRY..

  107. Jay

    I’ve been using this product for over a month with working out and seeing amazing results. I feel less bloated with more energy. My stomach is more toned. Highly recommend!

  108. Karen

    have been using this product for several weeks now along with cutting carbs and excersize and have lost 9 pounds and several inches. I will use until I get to where I wanna be.

  109. Yohana Redelico

    Buen producto, funciona ❤️

  110. Eleanor G Kessie

    I used to feel bloated all the time but after taken this, I feel lighter.

  111. Heather Young

    I really like this product, I refuse to weigh myself but clothes are fitting better. I also am doing lazy keto with it. Great product I highly recommend it’s worth buy!

  112. I’m a customer

    I be seen a chance, my only was that I have to take eat 3times a day

  113. Misty Self

    So far this is great! I’m excited for this summer!

  114. Natalí Bautista

    Buenísimas!!! He notado como mi abdomen va moldeandose!!! Son una maravilla!!! Las recomiendo!!!

  115. Denise B.

    Best product ever! I was skeptical at first but after a few days I started seeing results. I am seeing definition in my abs that I have NEVER seen! Those last few inches of stubborn fat around my midsection are gone!

  116. Slim

    Noticed a big difference with taking only two capsules a day for two weeks! Great product and it’s worth the price. I do light workouts maybe three times a week. I’d definitely purchase a second bottle.

  117. Amazon Customer

    I just started using the product for about half a month and I have notice a little change in my waist, but that was with little exercise at first. I was a little skeptical and didn’t think this would work but was going to give it a try to basically say like all the other products I have use that this is a waste of time, but so far so good. This product even encourage me to do exercise.

  118. Sepideh

    I have been taking these pills for two weeks and I think my stomach is getting smaller.

  119. Dwight Parham

    It has helped me in my wife’s weight loss journey great stuff

  120. Sharmy

    WOW!!! I’ve tried a few weight loss supplements for my belly and none work except for this Unaltered Slim Tighten Tone. My weight was 197 and since I started using this product it dropped to 191, unbelievable and absolutely no side effects. I love the energy I now have, I’m just loving my new look, no regrets buying this❤️🤗

  121. Amazon Customer

    After I purchased this product, I decided to wait to use it and speak to my doctor about using it because of other health issues I have. After she gave me the go ahead, I started with just 1 a day to make sure it would not make me nauseas. After a week I started taking 2 per day and have noticed a drastic decline of my appetite. I am usually a snacker but do not have the desire to snack and I am eating less during meals. Some days I seem to have more energy and some days I don’t. I am losing weight slowly but I have found I am losing inches much faster. I am down 1 pant size since starting and almost finishing this first bottle.

  122. Kelly Reeder

    This pill is worth every penny! It works if you work it! Meaning drinking water, eating healthy & working out! It’s the pill to take to advance your results! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  123. Jamillah Hameed

    Excellent product. It gave me what I was looking for.

  124. Sandy Morris Baker

    It took a few days to kick in but I can finally see and feel the great results! Great product in my book!

  125. Kailen Maciver

    this product really works. i have used it for 30 days and love that it helped me lose the stubborn fat i had.

  126. Roxiie C

    Been on it this product for 15 days it helps a lot but you also have to be consistent with your own dieting and exercising!

  127. Amazon Customer

    Seems to be working with no adverse side effects. Will give it another month’s try to know for sure.

  128. Ashley

    absolutely love and recommend this product!! after covid I kept putting on weight and it got more and more stubborn, finally after only 2 weeks of taking these my stomach is so flat and it just keeps getting better and better. ordering my second bottle now. best part is, they don’t make you nervous or shaky

  129. Olivia

    Really works ! Helping out with my FUPA along with eating clean and light workouts

  130. Stephanie McDivitt

    I’ve only been on the product for 3 weeks. I’m starting to see a difference in my belly. I’m not bloated anymore & my belly is starting to tone & slim down. It helps suppress my appetite and gives me energy. Great product and would recommend it

  131. Mollie

    So far, the results are….possible. To be honest, I have not been taking it as regularly as I am supposed to be. The last few days I have been doing much better. I have not seen a “slim down”on the stomach (only reason I’m doing this) but I have lost 4 lbs. Hoping in the next couple of weeks, I will notice the slim part too!

  132. Amazon Customer

    This product is great I can’t wait for my next bottle

  133. Des

    Easy to swallow

  134. Amazon Customer

    Have been taking for a couple of weeks. Notice a little difference but hope to see more results with time

  135. Richard R Porro

    Excellent product for workout people, i feel with more energy and my abs are more visible, highly recommend!

  136. Ambar Peralta

    It’s amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone trying to loose stubborn belly fat

  137. karie n eggleston

    I’m always looking for the best products to reduce unwanted fat especially in my stomach and inner thighs! This works and I’m very pleased with results! It also is great because it allows u to tone without losing muscle mass!

  138. Snow_white

    I have only used this product for about 2 weeks and it has made me regular again, I have less cravings, more energy and no side effects. Not sure if I’m losing weight yet but I will definitely update after 30 days. These have definitely been worth the price! Will definitely buy again!

  139. Emmybear

    So far so good! I will say that the pills are huge so they do hurt to take sometimes. There’s also a weird aftertaste sometimes when I burp from the pills. I’m hoping to see how long these truly work!

  140. Zoe McClinton

    The product REALLY works. I keep up with my high exercised routine and with this added to it really improved the tones on my stomach!

  141. Leah Garcia

    Working so far, if you want better result do some exercise and diet.I felt the difference two weeks after.

  142. Amazon Customer

    So far I have noticed that I am slightly less bloated so the product appears to be working great! I’ve only been using it for two or so weeks but so far I’m impressed.

  143. Amy

    This product is absolutely incredible. I did not think it would work, as I have always been skeptical of fat burners. It is amazing how well this product actually does work. I lost 2.7% body fat in the first two weeks of using it, and an additional percentage in the last week. The fat is gone around my rib cage and there is far less of it around my belly button (my major problem area). I definitely stay in a calorie deficit and work out, this is not a cure all for poor eating or exercise habits, but if you are looking to get rid of the stubbornest of stubborn belly fat while also taking care of yourself, this product is absolutely for you. I also have had no side effects at all. I am so glad I found this product.

  144. Mamag813

    I been using slim tighten tone for over a week and already lost 7 pounds. But I have a diet I kee up with and a busy schedule so I move around a lot and work out. So far it’s working out amazing for me !

  145. L

    Good product havent seen results yet but I feel like I am up doing more

  146. Amazon Customer

    I am one to read reviews and read pretty good things about this product. I will say that it definitely help with appetite and energy. Just like all things to lose weight, you have to put in the effort as well with watching your diet and trying to stay active. I do not have a “routine” exercise, but am pretty active. By watching what I ate and drinking more water and taking these as instructed I lost 7lbs within several weeks. Might not seem like much, but it is also healthy to lose 1-2lbs a week. I am going to continue to order and hope that I can get my schedule incorporated with a routine exercise to accelerate this.

  147. Amazon Customer

    So far they seem to be doing the job.

  148. Rosa

    Helped me control my cravings, specially sugar ones

  149. LupitaBright

     Definitely loving it, I will order again. I have all my friends buying it too

  150. Jessica ceballos

    I have been using the product for a couple of weeks. There seems to be a slightly difference in my stomach in a short amount of time. I will keep taking the pills to see what results I get.

  151. Naz You

    I have tried several products but this one was by far one of the best ones. Within a week, I started to see the changes. I highly recommend it.

  152. AH

    No side effects and I can tell my belly is getting skinnier.

  153. kerriann fingall

    Easy to swallow. This product really works with diet and exercise I have seen a change in my waist line.

  154. India Flagg

    These are so good when I been on diet I see my waist losing inches

  155. Deb – Amazon Customer

    Product definitely works. I took it three times a day and noticed differences. Works best with exercise and a calorie deficit diet

  156. Amazon Customer

    Rating: 5 StarsReview: AMAZING I love them they do exactly what they say thank you

  157. @BeastlyRoses

    Dropped 10 pounds in two weeks with this product and I must say it’s by far the best weight loss pill I have ever used.

  158. shirvani piersa

    I have been using this for over 3 weeks and I can definitely feel the difference. I am going to buy this product definitely again and again.

  159. Sylvia Albaugh

    This product is very effective. As soon as I received this, I started taking the pills in the morning and at night. I feel so difference in just a week and when I weight myself after four weeks of taking the pills twice a day I lost 10 lbs. and 2 inches.

  160. Kae Nguyen

    Rating: 5 StarsReview: It’s been a year of this pandemic life, gyms closed, depression kicking in, and being a sloth doesn’t have much advantage. With that said, there’s light at the end of the tunnel and in my endeavor to finding solutions for these weird pockets of stress related fat that a zillion sit ups can’t dissolve; I came across this miracle pill. I say a miracle because the sludge that had developed around my midsection has finally started to dissipate this as well as my gym finally opening up and voila! I’m bringing sexy back. Thank you for this supplement as it has worked for me, the only thing I could wish for is to make this even more miraculous are larger bottles and not so expensive please! Nevertheless, this works!

  161. Marcela Jimenez

    Love it

  162. Jamaris

    Awesome does everything it’s says

  163. Silué Carole

    I am at almost half of the bottle and I remarked some changes. It reduced my appetite and I have lost around 5 pounds in 2 weeks without following any diet and doing any sport.

  164. Tashena Taylor

    I have seen a lot of improvement and I haven’t been using this product for a long time

  165. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is amazing and I have told friends about it. I will keep ordering this product

  166. Jerry davis

    This pills changed my life. I started using them a month ago and I see results

  167. Janey

    Love it

  168. waitsk

    This is great, I’ve seen noticeable results. I work out daily and diet – these pills add that extra help I need to lose more weight that I couldn’t before!

  169. Dee

    I’ve been using this product for a month. It was made very clear to me that it is a keto supplement. However, I was not on a keto diet while taking them. I lost 10 pounds the first week, and my stomach flattened quite a bit. I only wish I had taken before and after photos. 10/10 recommend

  170. Jazzy

    I noticed a difference in my weight after 8 days…. I lost 6 pounds with doing a minimum of 30 minutes of light cardio for 5 days. I also omitted bread and heavy carbs from my usual diet. I love this CLA and will continue to use it for optimal results!!

  171. Gitte

    Excellent product. Lost 4 lbs during the first 2 weeks. Good appetite control, no jitters but good energy

  172. April

    No jitters , easy on the stomach.

  173. Felicia Rendon

    It helps out with my workout and it helps you tighten your stomach. It does everything it says it will do for you.

  174. Taylor

    Love this product! Slim waist and no jitters. Will buy again!

  175. Donanji

    I have been using Slim Tighten Tone for almost a month now and I have seen a big improvement in my body, especially my belly and Thighs they are more firm. I’m combining this product with a balanced diet and exercise.

  176. Jeisse Nodar

    Really good product Excellent results

  177. Sue

    I really like this product! Unlike other weight loss products, this has no side effects! No nervousness or jitters! I feel less bloated, have maintained my weight, even loss a little bit. I look forward to continuing using and can wait for my future results!

  178. Nanci

    Easy to swallow

  179. vang

    I purchased this bottle couple months back. I am seeing results. To see better results, add in a daily exercise as well and eat healthy.

  180. Shell

    I noticed results in 2 weeks, my stomach is less bloated and flat.

  181. Coleman

    It seems to curve my appetite.

  182. Daphne

    There’s no magic pill or potion to help burn fat, we all know that. . . Although, these pills are pretty close to being magical… of course, the only requirement is that you have to be willing to put in the work and watching what you eat. I was very skeptical at first but within weeks I started noticing results in both my weight and tone definition and I was excited. I absolutely love this product and I will surely buy more as soon as I start running out. If you’re willing to push yourself and lose weight, it doesn’t hurt to start here. Try it!

  183. Kiarah

    Great! Love it. Would definitely buy again:)

  184. Aritha

    I recommend this product. I’ve been working on my mid-section for awhile & I’ve seen the most results with proper nutrition and exercise.

  185. Diane

    No side effects from pills period …..It definitely works if you workout while using this product results show a lot faster I recommend this product seriously.

  186. Santos

    Para mayor resultados seguir las instrucciones

  187. Sol

    This product actually works!! Be sure to watch calorie intake and Exercise!

  188. Vitor

    I really enjoyed the product! I had positive results with the product. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely buy again.

  189. Amanda

    I noticed a difference in my legs and stomach after two weeks of using. However, it helps if you were eating healthy and exercising regularly

  190. Nicole

    Within just the first few days of using this product my stomach has not been bloated!

  191. Mom of an angel

    This product has helped me to shed unwanted and stubborn belly fat. I had been having success with losing weight and getting back into shape after my fifth baby, and then suddenly experienced a slump. Once my youngest quit nursing, I added this supplement to my regimen and I noticed SIGNIFICANT decreases in my stomach and love handle areas that are prone to storing fat. I am a mom of five children, and a personal trainer – so being active and in shape are very important for me. Being this product is safflower oil, my skin also started looking more hydrated and better, as well. Which is a definite perk!

  192. mirna rey

    Me han funcionado bastante mi abdomen se siente más desinflamado lo recomiendo tengo 2 semanas tomándolo y he mirado bastantes resultados ..

  193. Falhada Sokondo

    I have seen an result within just 2 weeks

  194. diane triplett

    I can see a difference in my waist with the use of this product and calorie count diet

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