So what makes the UNALTERED Testosterone Booster different from all the rest?

The answer is quite simple… science.

You see, the untold truth is that most testosterone booster supplements are straight-up ineffective. Unless you use artificial hormones, or other unnatural solutions, it is very difficult to raise your testosterone levels to significant levels.

That’s why it is even more important, if you are looking for a natural, testosterone booster, to use a product that has the absolute, best ingredients, at their most effective dosages.

And that’s exactly what we did with the UNALTERED Testosterone Booster – using the most clinically-studied ingredients, at their scientifically, proven-to-work dosages.

If you’d like to get an in-depth breakdown on the individual ingredients, and what makes our formula superior to other test booster’s on the market, watch the video above.

Ingredients Driven By Results

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Tribulus terrestris is a plant from Ayurveda that is used to improve libido, testosterone and overall sexual performance.


Subjects given Tribulus experienced a 16.3% increase in testosterone.

Significant increases, relative to baseline, for free testosterone were seen in men who took Tribulus.


Boron is a dietary mineral that has been shown to increase testosterone levels when supplemented at higher doses than what we get from food.


10mg of Boron for just 6 days, in 6 healthy, average men, was able to reduce estrogen and increase free testosterone levels.

Their Words, Not Ours

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need this?”

No, but yes. Let me explain.

Studies show, that after the age of 30, male testosterone begins to decline at a minimum of 2% per year!

Testosterone is our main, male sex hormone – the hormone that helps us to feel more energy, build more muscle, burn more fat, and maintain stamina in the bedroom…

Low testosterone can dramatically impact your life, and overall male vitality.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the tools and content they need when using our products to achieve real results. If you are genuinely putting in the work to become better, and you feel that our products are not helping you with your fitness efforts, contact us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.