So what makes the UNALTERED Testosterone Booster different from all the rest?

The answer is quite simple… science.

You see, the untold truth is that most testosterone booster supplements are straight-up ineffective. Unless you use artificial hormones, or other unnatural solutions, it is very difficult to raise your testosterone levels to significant levels.

That’s why it is even more important, if you are looking for a natural, testosterone booster, to use a product that has the absolute, best ingredients, at their most effective dosages.

And that’s exactly what we did with the UNALTERED Testosterone Booster – using the most clinically-studied ingredients, at their scientifically, proven-to-work dosages.

If you’d like to get an in-depth breakdown on the individual ingredients, and what makes our formula superior to other test booster’s on the market, watch the video above.

Ingredients Driven By Results

Tap on each ingredient to learn more.


Tribulus terrestris is a plant from Ayurveda that is used to improve libido, testosterone and overall sexual performance.


Subjects given Tribulus experienced a 16.3% increase in testosterone.

Significant increases, relative to baseline, for free testosterone were seen in men who took Tribulus.


Boron is a dietary mineral that has been shown to increase testosterone levels when supplemented at higher doses than what we get from food.


10mg of Boron for just 6 days, in 6 healthy, average men, was able to reduce estrogen and increase free testosterone levels.

Their Words, Not Ours

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need this?”

No, but yes. Let me explain.

Studies show, that after the age of 30, male testosterone begins to decline at a minimum of 2% per year!

Testosterone is our main, male sex hormone – the hormone that helps us to feel more energy, build more muscle, burn more fat, and maintain stamina in the bedroom…

Low testosterone can dramatically impact your life, and overall male vitality.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the tools and content they need when using our products to achieve real results. If you are genuinely putting in the work to become better, and you feel that our products are not helping you with your fitness efforts, contact us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

24 reviews for Testosterone Booster

  1. Ben

    In previous competition preps as the final days approach, I have been pretty drained and driverless. I took this during my latest prep and peak week I could tell there was just something different going on! I had great pumps , workouts and energy the whole way through! Could definitely tell it was doing its job!

  2. Brad Hubbard

    I have noticed that as I am getting older, my T levels have declined, which is normal but unwanted. With declining T levels I also noticed decreased sex drive, muscle loss, and aggression and drive in the gym, at work and in the bedroom. After the first of taking this product twice daily, I noticed significant changes in my mood and energy levels. It gives me that little extra boost that I need to be able to hang with the younger guys in the gym and younger women in the bedroom 😉

  3. Chris

    Being young and having normal T levels doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with a booster. This booster does everything it says it does because of the quality ingredients in proven dosages. Whether you want a boost in muscle mass, better recovery or having some extra fun in the bedroom its got you covered.

  4. Paige Glumac

    I’ve been taking this product for about 20 days now and am loving it. I’m a female bodybuilder and am currently in my offseason trying to put on some extra muscle mass. Within the first week of using this product, I noticed a substantial increase in energy and overall focus both at the gym and at work. After about two weeks, I began noticing the increased mass in my focus areas (legs, butt, and back) and have began watching my strength increase in my heavy lifts. I can’t wait to see what the long term effects of this product have in store for me if I’m already noticing a difference in this short time frame!

  5. Brandon Miller

    This is my first time trying a product from this company. I chose UNALTERED energy booster as I was recommended this product from a fellow firefighter. I have currently been taking this product for 2 weeks and have noticed significant changes in my strength training, cardio endurance, and sex drive. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to gain strength and increase your cardio endurance. Overall I feel great. I will continue to explore unaltered products, highly satisfied.

  6. Matthew Weatherly

    This company and their products are amazing! I’ve been using them since they launched now and they are top shelf. I feel incredible all natural muscle gains, energy and stamina gains using this Test booster product. Get it while you can!

  7. Frank Gigante

    As a testosterone support product, this has delivered what is has promised. Even during contest prep, my strength in workouts has remained high and the weights and reps continue to increase from week to week, even as my nutrition becomes tighter and the deficit increases. It has helped maintain stamina and I feel strong and steady overall throughout the day.

  8. Troy Graham

    I have used this product for a week now and it has benefited my lifestyle in a multitude of ways. Not only has my workout intensity has increased but my endurance and moods throughout day. I am currently 4 weeks out from a competition and I do not feel tired all day. You do need to make sure you follow the instructions and eat with each serving. This is a quality all natural product.

  9. Ray

    I’ve been using this product for a month now and can tell it’s doing its job so far so I purchased my 2nd bottle. My energy is up at the gym. I’ve noticed I have an increase in muscle mass while still loosing fat. It hasn’t left me with any side effects and goes well with the multivitamins I am already taking. I love what brand itself stands for, I highly recommend.

  10. Luis Despiau

    This stuff makes me feel like a young guy again. I take three pills in the morning and another two in the evening.
    I now have the entire supplement line.

  11. Jimmy D

    I’ve been taking this product for a little over a month now and have seen amazing results! I have more energy, I sleep better at night and my lifts have all increased. I just turned 33 and I’ve been feeling a little more sluggish than normal and this has definitely made me feel like 25 again

  12. David

    I have been using Unaltered’s Testosterone Booster for 3 weeks now. I honestly love the way I feel during and after my workouts. It’s given me the natural burst of strength and energy that I love to feel durning my lifts and day to day busy lifestyle.

  13. D. Glinski

    Fantastic product that shows me the potential of testosterone supplements! First time trying them but I genuinely enjoyed workouts more and post recovery felt great too. I’ll definitely keep these around for when I’m looking to reach a higher peak!

  14. Darius

    This product is amazing. Being a pro athlete I struggled with making lean gains in the off season. This definitely helped me. I recommend it to anyone wanting to put on lbs of muscle. I gained 8lbs in a month and look , feel and perform great.

  15. Vincent Torres

    So I been taking the booster now for about week and a half and can tell the increase in energy and already started dropping body fat great stuff will definitely buy again. The best part it’s all natural. It’s a win win for me.

  16. Alexander Ho

    I’ve tried a few test boosters, and this is by far the best one. More energy, stamina, strength, and libido. Very happy to have found this.

  17. Nailto M.

    I’ve been taking this pills for two months now, I’m on my second bottle and the result is way more than I was expecting. I started it slow because I usually don’t feel really well with supplements, but I never felt any kind of discomfort taking them, but I really started slow. Just after a few days, I felt a real boost in my strength at the gym, I was able to increase the load in almost every exercise, and I don’t know if this is the case, but the soreness after every workout is weaker too. I’m taking the t-booster and their whey protein, and I think it’s a great combo!

  18. bradleyh

    I first began looking into the test booster market after my natural T levels have decreased with age and I wanted to restore my vigor.
    After doing much research on different ingredients and formulas, I settled on Unaltered’s formula mainly because of the studied and tested formula of ingredients.
    After a few weeks use I have noticed an increase in energy and strength, not to mention a increase in sexual desire that my wife has certainly noticed as well.
    I would recommend for any middle aged men like myself that wants to feel 18 again.

  19. MSKerri


  20. Jaun Ayala

    I am a couple weeks into taking this product and it’s unquestionably one of the best I’ve taken. My strength, endurance and overall performance in the gym have increased since I’ve started this product. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a natural test booster!

  21. Nathan Burke

    I received this product as a way to boost my testosterone naturally. As Im in my 30’s I know that testosterone tends to decline more, and as a Natural Pro Bodybuilder, this was the perfect ingredient list I saw and I love how it is properly dosed without any proprietary blending at all. When I take this I know the exact dosage of each ingredient and I feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic. Solid supplement to boost testosterone naturally!

  22. Christina L

    I bought this product for my boyfriend and he loves it. I’ve used unaltered products myself and he was looking for a good booster. I trust this line so I bought him the bottle to try. He’s had so much more energy and he doesn’t fatigue as quickly. Highly recommend

  23. Matt M.

    I’m pretty familiar with these types of natural testosterone boosters; and this one gets an unquestioned two thumbs up from me. Product worked marvelously. I felt the results within hours of taking it. Energy was revitalized; sleep was much better; workouts were far more productive; and just generally felt much better. The price of the product for all of this is much better than some of the other “staples” on the market presently. Go with Unaltered. Natural products for natural athletes at prices that won’t break your budget.

  24. RUSS

    Since using this product my performance in the gym has increased so much! I have more energy and stamina, and that has also led to a lot more fun in the bedroom as well! Fellas if you want to be a beast in the gym and at home, BUY THIS PRODUCT!

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