So, what makes the UNALTERED Thermogenic Fat Burner different from all the rest?

Science. Let me explain.

Have you ever tried other fat burners or weight loss pills that didn’t work?

If so, chances are those products were cheaply formulated, using ingredients that either (1) have no scientific studies to back up their results, or (2) they were under-dosed – not using the right doses of ingredients to move the needle.

After seeing all these cheap and ineffective weight loss supplements, we decided to formulate the best, results-based thermogenic fat burner to ever be created, based on real scientific studies – introducing the UNALTERED Fat Burner.

The UNALTERED Fat Burner is an all-in-one solution to weight loss, helping to boost the body’s metabolism, suppress appetite, and optimize calorie-burning.

No more under-dosed fat burner’s and appetite suppressants.

You deserve to have supplements that work as hard as you do.

Ingredients Driven By Results

Tap on each ingredient to learn more.

5-Hydroxytryptophan - 750 MG

Known as the “happy” chemical, 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin. Although 5-HTP is widely marketed as a mood enhancer, studies show that it is more effective as a weight loss supplement, helping to suppress appetite and reduce calorie-consumption


Subjects who took 750mg of 5-HTP daily, for 2 weeks, reduced their calorie intake (mainly from carbohydrates), which resulted in significant weight loss.

Subjects who took 5-HTP for a period of 12 weeks lost more weight than the placebo group and reduce their overall food intake.

Supplementation of 5-HTP for over 5 weeks resulted in a 38% reduction in calorie-intake.


Forskolin, the main active ingredient of Coleus Forskohlii, is a natural plant extract that has been shown to reduce inflammation and induce weight loss, while promoting lean muscle gain.


Subjects who took 500mg of Coleus Forskohlii daily lost an average of 10lbs of weight, and gained an average of 8lbs of lean muscle.

Subjects who supplemented with 500mg of Coleus Forskohlii for 12 weeks was able to prevent fat gain, relative to placebo.

Irvingia gabonesis - 300 MG

Irvingia Gabonensis is a supplement derived from the seeds of the African Mango plant, shown to induce weight loss.


150mg of IG prior to meals was associated with reduced calorie intake, which in-turn, induced weight loss.

Supplementation of IG for 2-4 weeks is associated with weight loss.


Yohimbe is a natural bark extract that works by increasing adrenaline levels in the body, as well as inhibiting a regulatory process that normally suppresses fat-burning.


Subjects who took Yohimbe daily for 21 days lost an average of 2.2% body fat.


A molecule derived from brown seaweed, Fucoxanthin has been shown to aid in fat-burning.


Subjects who consumed Fucoxanthin experienced an increase in their metabolic rate.

Their Words, Not Ours

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need this?”

No, but yes. Let me explain.

There’s no such thing as magic weight loss pills; it takes hard work, sacrifice, and commitment to achieve your personal fitness goals. If it was easy, everybody would have 6-pack abs, which we know is not the case.

Any supplements you use, are solely meant to “supplement” your exercise and nutrition regimen.

However, if using the right ingredients, you can greatly expedite the time it takes to achieve your ideal body.

This is why we formulated the UNALTERED Fat Burner with the best, clinically studied ingredients to promote fat loss and calorie-intake reduction.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the tools and content they need when using our products to achieve real results. If you are genuinely putting in the work to become better, and you feel that our products are not helping you with your fitness efforts, contact us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

43 reviews for Thermogenic Fat Burner

  1. Jacky

    I absolutely love this product. It is the first fat burning product that did not give me any negative side effects. The ingredients are the best natural ingredients. UA has food the perfect recipe. Since taking the Fat Burner I have noticed I have more energy through out the day. I no longer have the dreaded afternoon crash. I have noticed a substantial decrease in appetite and no longer crave the foods I use to. This fat burner is definitely helping me on my weight loss journey. I cant say enough good things about this product.

  2. Ben

    I will say that this is one of the best put together fat burning products I have ever used! The ingredients are well thought out and work together wonderful! I never recieved any joggers or crash while running this one unlike some others I have used in the past! I used this fat burner along side their test booster during my last competition prep and received outstanding results! I am running it again for my upcoming show in September!

  3. Chris

    This fatburner has all quality studied ingredients with strong dosages and produces no crash or unwanted side effects that other burners can provide. With one bottle I’ve cut off several inches off my waist and I’m seeing more definition around my limbs and face. Very happy with this product.

  4. Melissa

    I usually don’t take any supplements because they make my stomach hurt. However, this fat burner is a quality product and I can tell because not only did I see results quickly. But also I never made my stomach hurt and it didn’t give me the jitters. 100% recommend this product for anyone looking to shed some fat and tone up. Best results when used with Unaltered CLA!

  5. Paige Glumac

    I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a natural supplement to aid in their fat loss. I enjoyed this product because it does not make me feel jittery like many other fat burning supplements on the market. My main goal right now is to increase calories without gaining excess fat. This product allowed me to increase my calories without adding any additional cardio or extra training to my normal regimen! Additionally, I noticed an overall improvement in body composition after about 3 weeks of use, which suggests that it is TRULY TARGETING THE FAT rather than muscle such as some weight loss pills.

  6. Cheryl Monique

    I don’t usually like taking fat burners. It’s so hard to find a clean fat burner that isn’t chocked up with all kinds of chemicals and stimulants that only leave you feeling jittery and weird in the end. I didn’t want a “diet pill.” I wanted something that would make my workouts and food consumption more effective for burning excess body fat. On top of that, I wanted something made from clean, natural ingredients. Not an easy find in today’s supplement market. So, when I found Unaltered, I was pretty excited. I have been taking their fat burner and CLA for a few weeks, with amazing results. First off… It’s definitely thermogenic. I can tell this by how much I sweat while working out, which for me is a good thing, because I don’t sweat enough. When cutting carbs and my energy sources from my foods, this fat burner definitely provides some supplemental energy to knock out my workouts. My body fat percentage dropped within a couple of weeks and I am leaning out quite nicely. I definitely recommend trying this brand if you’re looking for an effective, clean product.

  7. Casey

    I am a 40 year old pro figure competitor who competes in a natural bodybuilding federation and I have tried several different fat burners over the years. When I came across the Unaltered Athletics line and saw that they take special consideration in keeping their products made with ingredients safe for natural athletes I knew I wanted to try it. I am someone that takes great care when selecting any supplements to be sure there aren’t any banned substances in them. Unaltered took the guess work and research out of that for me. The packaging even states right on it “No Banned Substances”. Love that!

    Prior to trying this fat burner I had given up on that type of supplement as all of the other ones I took either made my stomach really upset and made me nauseous, or they just didn’t do anything at all. I am so glad I gave this one a shot! I immediately noticed an increase in energy and also noticed my appetite decreased, which helped ease the anxiety/agitation/bad cravings I sometimes feel when I am cutting hard to lean out.

    I have not noticed any negative side effects from this product and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to lose weight (regardless of your fitness level or goals). When paired with the right diet I believe it definitely can help! But remember, this is a supplement used to help with whatever program you are following. As everyone knows, there is not a magic diet pill out there that works alone – you still need to do some work for any results to happen. Definitely worth the money and will order again!

  8. CluelessMama

    I have been on my fitness journey for almost a year now, so I have recently decided to add a fat burner to my routine to help with the little stubborn spots I have left. I like to do my research and when I found this company on Instagram, I decided to give them a try. I’m so glad that I did.
    I have tried other fat burners that have had negative side effects for me. With this brand it has been smooth sailing, no jitters at all. I don’t like that feeling of shaking or feeling completely hyped up. I have been taking them before my workouts and I feel like I definitely sweat more and have energy, but not that fake feeling. I don’t really know how to explain other than to say it feels natural with my body. I have been taking these for roughly 2 weeks and will absolutely continue to use them. If you’re in the market for a fat burner, these are a great way to go!

  9. Simon Garcia

    I cant say enough about this product other than IT WORKS. After just 20 days of taking the UNALTERED Fat Burner, I felt more energy, less hunger, better mood, and I HIT MY WEIGHT GOAL! I love the fact that it contains the actual proper dosages of ingredients versus other cheaply formulated products. Personally, I use the UNALTERED Whey Protein Isolate every day along with the UNALTERED Fat Burner because the protein contains less than 2g of carbs/fat and it has 30g of protein, so it definitely helps me to take in less calories while still maintaining lean muscle and burning fat. Awesome fat burner and cant wait to get more.

  10. musky

    I don’t normally like to use supplements, but this one has really natural ingredients so I actually feel good using it! This works well when combined with working out and a caloric deficit (like any other fat burner) so it is a great supplement for anyone who is trying to lose fat. I didn’t take any progress pictures because I am doing an extremely slow cut and taking my time with it, but this has been super helpful in controlling my appetite and giving me energy! I am usually HUNGRY AS HECK 24/7 but this helped me manage my appetite and to actually stick to my caloric deficit. Also, taking this in the mornings really helped give me energy in the mornings! I am a full time grad student and usually have to drink coffee every single day, but with this, I don’t even need to drink coffee. And I don’t feel jittery or “crash” later. It feels like sustained energy throughout the day. Overall, I think this is a great supplement and helps you stick to your caloric deficit and workout program. Just make sure that you stay disciplined and do what it is that you need to do to actually lose weight and remember that this is just to help you get there. :-) good ingredients, will be purchasing more!

  11. Courtney

    This is my second 5 star review for this product. The product is still amazing and still works great! But I wanted to do another review to thank them for giving more capsules in my recent order! It’s usually 90 capsules, but I got a bigger bottle for 150! You guys just get better and better!!! Keep it up! :)

    UPDATE: 3rd review and still in love! 6 pack is coming in beautifully and this gives me awesome energy in the gym, and helps to burn fat. Get this stuff! I highly recommend it and still can’t live without it!

  12. Loren H.

    This fat burner is potent and the best out on the market right now. Amazing results! What I love the most is that Unaltered took the time to send me a personalized note. This is a company that not only cares about their product but also their customers. I know when I’m buying unaltered that I’m getting an honest product that has top of the line ingredients and potency.

  13. Brian

    I LOVE this product. There are a lot of pills to take but it is much easier than some of those huge pills from other brands. This product is locally made which is important to me. The appetite suppressant is great and I can really feel my body heat up. With proper diet and exercise I’ve seen a noticeable difference and people ask me what my secret is. Loyal customer now and will recommend to anyone who will listen.

  14. d.nurmi

    I’m using this product in conjunction with an 8 week calisthenics program. Results are good so far with reduced body fat percentage and increased skeletal muscle mass after 3 weeks. My trick is remembering to take 3 pills in the morning on an empty stomach and 3 before lunch. Consistency is key.

    Great product.

  15. Ray

    I decided to try this because I’ve had great success with other Unaltered products. Yet again I’m happy I decided to go with the brand. No side effects or jitters. I’ve been taking them for a month now and it’s been the first diet supplement I’ve ever taken in the afternoon that doesn’t effect my sleeping. I feel it does well suppressing my appetite also. I highly recommend!

  16. UNALTERED Customer

    I love the almost immediate thermogenic effect of this fat burner. Not only does it help assist with fat loss, but it also provides a nice energy boost to power me through my workouts, even when fasting.

  17. sarah swart

    Having taken just about every fat loss product on the market I can say that this product delivers in energy and thermogenesis. The energy is smooth and consistent. No jitters. Very effective for pre cardio and mid day drop in energy, especially when diet. The results have been great in the last 6 weeks I’ve dropped from a 34 waist to a 32. The best part is this product is clinically dosed with ingredients proven to work. I can say enough about unaltered products. Great formulas at affordable prices that deliver safe, natural results. Definitely will be purchasing again.

  18. denised

    This product is a MUST if you want to kick your carb cravings! I can finally go in between meals without wanting to eat unhealthy snacks. Another huge bonus about this product is that the ingredients are all natural. When it comes to products that are formulated to enhance calorie burning, you never really know what you’re consuming; however, this product has the highest quality ingredients that are not synthetic or bad for you! I will absolutely be buying again!

  19. D. Glinski

    Just got my bottle last week and I’m enjoying the effects so far. I’m feeling a great jolt of energy and feel no nausea or discomfort. From only a week of using it I can see some changes already in the appearance of my body. Leaner, more defined and still hydrated and feeling healthy. Really gonna give this the full test but so far it looks promising and would recommend it to my friends.

  20. Ashley

    The ingredients in this are great, a good blend to assist in your fat loss. As always, nutrition and training are the most important part, but it can be very useful for that extra edge!

  21. Oriana Lugo

    LOVE that all UA products use only natural ingredients. Also, my favorite part about this pill is that my cravings have surprisingly decreased and I don’t need as much caffeine throughout the day to feel energized. Usually I will drink about two cups of coffee as well as pre-workout before going to the gym but lately I haven’t felt the need to take pre-workout. I am excited to see how much improvement I can achieve with this product as I continue to take it :)

  22. Adam

    I’ve personally tried several different fat burners and I’m more than happy to say that my search has come to an end. The packaging alone made me love the product, but you truly feel the pills working within minutes. I take them first thing in the morning and the burst of energy gets me motivated both at the gym and for the rest of the day. Plenty of servings for the price, can’t find anything to complain about!!

  23. UNALTERED Customer

    I am very impressed with this product and I can say this is the best fat burner out there! I noticed results in such a short time that it made me wish I had gotten this product sooner. I definitely recommend it!

  24. Lexi

    I really like this product because it is effective and the product makers really put thought into the things that go into these pills. They are easy to swallow. I have already noticed my physique getting more lean after just a few weeks of taking this product. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a reliable fat burner.

  25. Linda Hayes

    I really feel that this product has helped me I’ve lost a total of about 8 pounds

  26. steven peffer

    This stuff rocks! Just finished 1st bottle and I can all ready see results. I take 3 in the morning when I awake and 3 more in the afternoon. Definitely helps me control my appetite and gives a little extra boost throughout the day. I would definitely recommend a try.

  27. Jessica Hope

    I love this product. I don’t feel jumpy from the caffeine like you usually do with most fat burners. And, I’ve noticed a difference in my metabolism already! Highly recommended!

  28. Tiffany T

    I have ordered this product 3 times and I absolutely love it. I am more defined and it gives me that extra boost of energy to step up my workouts.

  29. William Rivera III

    Great fat burner at a terrific price. Helped me cut up while not hurting the bank. Couldn’t be happier!

  30. David Johnson

    Does exactly what it advertises

  31. Sunflower

    With diet and exercise this is really effective going to purchase another bottle.

  32. Athena Dawson

    Originally, I was a bit skeptical to buy the product because “magic weight loss pills” do not have the best reputation in the fitness industry. After hearing positive feedback about the product though, I decided to give it a try. What appealed to me most was that this pill consisted of all natural ingredients, so I was confident with what I was putting into my body. Once I got ahold of the pills, I followed the instructions to take it after every big meal and I’ve been doing that every day. Now that I’ve been taking these pills for the past two weeks, I have noticed a big difference. My metabolism seems to be working more efficiently targeting some of my tummy fat, I’ve lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks! Don’t get me wrong though, I still work out and eat healthy on top of this pill but it seems to be aiding my progress. Im really happy with the product and the seller for being so informative by getting back to me quickly and I would buy it again.

  33. Alexa

    I am not the one to normally take fat burners, but I tried out this fat burner and I am taken away! After taking the fat burner I had such an increase in energy! I’ve always struggled losing weight even with healthy eating and half marathon training, but after taking this fat burner, I was actually able to lose weight! This pill did not make me feel gittery with no other side effects!

  34. DawgsFan11

    Have been taking this fat burner now for right at 2 months. It actually works. Taking the correct dosage and staying consistent, as well as maintaining a hard work ethic in the gym allowed me to get closer to my results. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who may be looking to drop some weight. This isn’t going to make you lose 50lbs, but if you’re looking for that extra push, then I highly recommend Unaltered’s fat burner.

  35. Jmoney

    “I cannot say enough regarding this item other than IT WORKS. After only 20 days, I felt more vitality, less craving, better state of mind, and I HIT MY WEIGHT GOAL! I adore the way that it contains the genuine legitimate measurements of fixings versus other inexpensively planned items.”

  36. Susan Elias

    This product is the extra push I need to incorporate cardio into my weight routine. Gives me more energy and no slag at the end of the day. Highly recommend.

  37. Lynette

    Was skeptical at first , but tried this anyway and glad I did. At 65 years of age, it is a little more difficult to see results of my efforts. Slow metabolism. BUT, 10 days after using only 1 capsule per day in the morning, I was down 3 pounds. I did not have any issues with jitters, dry mouth, sleeplessness, only appetite decreased a little and I had a little more energy, nothing alarming. I like this product as it supports my fitness efforts.

  38. Sabrina Vega

    This fat burner has helped me along with a decent diet and exercise lose almost 15lbs since I’ve started.. thank you again unaltered!

  39. bradleyh

    I chose this product because of the ingredient profile, which features several supplements that have been shown to assist weight loss and who doesn’t have a few pounds that they would like to lose,especially in Florida during pool/beach season? Carnipure,caffeine,apple cidar vinegar, and yohimbe along with a few other supplements combine to form a very promising fat burner. I am currently one week in on my trial run of Unaltered’s Fat Burner and all though its too early to really see the effects, I can certainly feel a difference in my energy level and overall sense of well being. It has certainly been much easier to get my workouts in as I actually feel like getting off the couch and hitting the gym and sometimes that is the hardest step in getting in shape or at least for me anyway. I will update this review in a few weeks after I have a better idea of how effective this supplement is for weight loss.

  40. shellybleuis

    I begun taking these pills this week, and decided based on other reviews to take 1/2 the normal dosage per day of 5 pills. I immediately felt the side effects of them, with a diminished appetite and increased energy! I cannot wait to complete the bottle – which includes a months worth of doses (5 per day).

  41. Christina Lopenzo

    This stuff is amazing! However, it’s not a miracle pill. It’s not going to do the work if you don’t. With diet and exercise, I feel like I burn more and I have more energy. The appetite suppressant is great, I can go about my day without feeling hungry and then eating poorly. I highly recommend it with the CLA.

  42. Frank

    Great product. Banned substance free. No side effects. I take it once upon waking and another dose in the afternoon on an empty stomach. I had no issues taking it without food and did not have any jitters or negative side effects. Definitely noticed a boost in energy after taking the second dose during the day. Good stuff!

  43. RUSS

    Russ 9/6/2019
    I started using this product last month and it has worked great! I felt the results right away! My appetite has been suppressed and my energy has improved greatly! I can’t wait to buy more!

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