Zach Munoz, Oscar Munoz, Unaltered Athletics

Father-and-Son Team taking home the 1st place trophy

As Natural Fitness Competitors, and active consumers of nutritional supplements, it is essential for us that we know we are taking the best supplements possible to help us achieve our personal fitness goals and support our active lifestyles.

After years of using name brand supplements that are widely available in the market today, and not noticing any further progression on our physical performance in the gym, we finally began to question the validity of what we were putting into our bodies.

The results of such doubtfulness were both concerning and shocking. After hours of group research on public data and scientific test trials, it soon became evident that we were simply not getting the right ingredients, at the proper dosages needed to experience the highest results possible through the supplements that we have been using all along.

Zach-and-Oscar-Munoz-2016-Fitness-New-England-ChampionshipsFor those of us that do not have the accelerated muscle gaining effects afforded to us by steroids and other PED’s (performance enhancement drugs), such products simply won’t cut it.

This is when we decided to step up to the plate, and UNALTERED LLC was founded, to support the higher performance needs of fellow drug-free athletes through premium, fully dosed and clinically tested supplements that will help them achieve their personal fitness goals.