So what makes the UNALTERED Belly Fat Burner different from all the rest?


You see, the main active ingredient contained in this product is CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

CLA is a natural plant extract that has been shown, through various clinical studies, to promote visceral fat loss (AKA belly fat loss) through its unique effect on our molecular signaling receptor family known as PPAR, which is related to fat burning.

Unfortunately, most CLA supplements have a 60-70% extract. In other words, you are not getting the maximum effectiveness of the main active ingredient.

Luckily, we got you covered.

The UNALTERED Belly Fat Burner is equipped with an 80% extract of pure CLA.

So if you’re ready to get rid of that stubborn abdominal fat, then I highly recommend trying the UNALTERED Belly Fat Burner today!


Their Words, Not Ours

You may be asking yourself, do I really need this?

If belly fat is a concern for you, then yes…

Stomach fat is not only a confidence destroyer, but it is associated with several health-related diseases, including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.

If you’re ready to lose that stubborn stomach fat, then this is the product for you.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the tools and content they need when using our products to achieve real results. If you are genuinely putting in the work to become better, and you feel that our products are not helping you with your fitness efforts, contact us and we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

35 reviews for UNALTERED Belly Fat Burner

  1. Ben

    I used this product in my offseason and during my show prep to help keep the metabolism going and the healthy fats in my diet. I had no issues with it what so ever! Solid natural product. Highly recommend!

  2. Chris

    Very potent CLA per dose. This is not a cheap quality CLA. If your serious about reducing mid section fat and improving overall body composition I wouldn’t cheapen yourself by taking another product.

  3. Melissa

    Great product! This not only helped me shed some extra fat, but also boosted my metabolism. I took the CLA combined with Unaltered fat burner and they seem to work really well. Didn’t give me jitters or a stomach ache, that’s how I know this was made with quality ingredients.

  4. Paige Glumac

    This product has been a fantastic addition to my supplement regimen. I workout pretty consistently and maintain a mostly healthy diet with some treats here and there, but during the holidays I always tend to indulge a little more than usual and pack on a few extra lbs. This year I have been taking Unaltered’s CLA supplement and I have been able to maintain my weight through the holidays with no extra diet restrictions or added cardio. While I didn’t take any progress pictures or measure my waist, I did notice that I am also fitting better in my clothes, particularly in the waist. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a supplement to aid their current training and nutrition plan!

  5. Jessica Hope

    Great product. This is my first time taking CLA, but I already see/feel a difference in my muscle mass, and energy levels. I paired the Unaltered CLA with the Unaltered Fat Burner, and I’ve seen amazing results!

  6. Daniel Ramirez

    Have only been taking this product for a week and already noticed a difference in waist line, noticed my abs coming in more defined and without changing anything in my diet or exercise routine (I workout 5 times a week). Definitely the fastest working product I’ve taken so far, and I’ve tried a lot!

  7. UNALTERED Customer

    The quick results are a definite motivator. I have lost 20 lbs with exercise program.

  8. cgc

    I’ve used other brands of CLA but this is by far the best. I must say that I have strayed away from the “Unaltered” brand for one with higher mg but it did not work as well. I am extremely satisfied with this product which is why I continue to use it. It does work with proper diet and exercise. I currently take 2 soft gels three times a day. Twice what is on the bottle. I have know issues. You have to do what works for you pay attention to your body. Great product just purchased more.

  9. Frances Ivette Santana Oliveras

    Mega like ya lo he comparado mas de una vez!! Funciona!

  10. Ramon Espinal


  11. Sadie

    Product arrived sooner than expected! Comes with 90 capsules. You take three soft gels per day one with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or as suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Gotta say using this product for the first time and I absolutely loved it! I have retained more muscle, kept good energy and have lost fat very well during low calorie dieting & high calorie burning training.

  12. orlian

    Hi in the past i have take some pills but never work this work really good i have lost over 20 pounts

  13. Ashley Luise

    As far as supplements go, I don’t really use a whole lot or like to rely on them but I would have to say I was quite impressed with the Unaltered CLA. I am a firm believer in that healthy diet and exercise is what gives a person the results that they are looking for and that there isn’t such thing as a supplement that magically provides that ultimate weight loss or muscle gains without putting in the max effort. I have tried using CLA from a different brand in the past and I did not notice any changes. However I was very surprised when I started using the Unaltered CLA because I actually did notice some small but pleasant changes in my torso, so that was a nice enhancement to my healthy lifestyle. I haven’t finished the bottle yet but I would definitely consider using this product again. I am very intrigued to explore the other products that Unaltered has to offer!

  14. Jenny

    This is my 2nd bottle that I purchased & I swear by it is the best I am 5’7” 113lbs & really leaned & slimmed up fast🤗🤗🤗🤗

  15. UNALTERED Customer

    Don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as a magic diet pill. In fact, you should probably stray away from brands that insist they can deliver unrealistic results. I’ve been taking these in combination with the Fat Burners(diet and exercise included of course), and they have without a doubt made a huge difference in my physique. Happy customer right here!!

  16. AW

    This product is great for losing weight. I almost immediately started to see results with proper diet and exercise. Will definitely purchase again.

  17. Jesus Alicea

    Son muchos los CLA que utilizo de diferentes distribuidores y marcas pero despues que sea de 3,000 mg cualquier CLA Leunetico es muy bueno recomendado

  18. Jackie

    This has been the product I have taking and helped me lose 8 pounds and counting with no side effects!

  19. Ashley

    Great product! It’s not a miracle pill, so it won’t make you lose weight by itself. But in conjunction with proper nutrition and a well rounded exercise program, it can help you see results quicker!

  20. Salihah David

    I used this product in addition to the fat burner pills and have been pleased so far. I will continue to use this product for continued results.

  21. UNALTERED Customer

    As a dietary supplement, Unaltered CLA has helped me quickly burn lbs. and has contributed greatly to improving my overall health. It has quickly become a part of my daily supplement routine which has enabled me to lose approx. 15 lbs. in 4 months. It helps suppress my appetite. My energy level is up, and I still fall asleep quickly at night. It’s relatively tasteless, easy to swallow and doesn’t give me the “jits” which some other dietary supplements tend to do. Overall, I’m extremely happy with this product and will continue to use it.

  22. Manny Sanchez

    I didn’t regret buying this CLA from Unaltered Athletics. They come in softgels which are easily digestible. Means I get the
    benefits quickly. I noticed extra energy after taking this regularly which my multivitamins didn’t give. I am 56 yrs old but feel more stronger than before. Another thing its an all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals . It is best combined with the Fat Burner . And most of all Im getting leaner muscles and losing weight in a right way. Thank you Unaltered Athletics! Surely recommend this quality products of yours.

  23. Karin Carroll

    I use this product daily and I can really tell a difference in my stomach. I don’t feel as bloated and my stomach appears to be flatter. The product does not have an after taste and is easy to swallow. I would recommend this brand over any other brand that I have bought.

  24. Priscila

    This product has improved my weight control and performance at the gum. Totally recommended!

  25. Patricia Catania

    I really like the way this makes me feel. My appetite has decreased and I find that moving and exercising makes me feels stronger. I wish the bottle was bigger

  26. Lexi

    This product is great for anyone looking for an alternative to pre workout. I get a boost of energy every time I take this supplement and I love how there is no messy powder like that of pre workout. I combine this with my natural fat burner from CLA and always get a great pump. I already notice significant changes in my workouts after a few weeks of taking these supplements. I am excited to continue taking them.

  27. salomon Pérez de Nova

    Someone told me about this product, so I decided to give it a try and its been working for me. I personally recomend this product, give it a try and see results for your self. Thank you👍

  28. Natasha

    Love it

  29. Sierra

    Came within 1 day. Lost 12 pounds using this product along with a intermittent fast. It helps you not feel as hungry. I take 2 in the morning and it seems to help me not want to eat till the afternoon.

  30. Demi

    Amazing product! Light on the stomach and has helped tremendously trim down my waist! Absolutely love this product!

  31. Brianna Benefield

    I have been taking CLA’s for a couple of years now, but I just bought the Unaltered CLA’s over December & I can honestly say I don’t think they’ve ever worked better. I’ve been using them alongside Unaltered’s Fat Burner & together, I have seen better results than ever. I feel leaner & more tone and I will continue to buy both!! I definitely recommend if you’re looking to just shed a little extra belly fat or tone up along with your every day exercise and healthy eating habits! I think it definitely helps aid and work in conjunction with other healthy activities! The price is also reasonable compared to other brands

  32. Brogan

    I was for sure skeptical about this product as I am with any type of CLA or fat burner. But this stuff is great! No type of stomach aches or anything… only results. I take one pill with each meal. I don’t feel as bloated during the day. I’m full of energy. And I’ve been leaning out :) It’s been about a month now and I’m still losing inches! You should for sure try this one out

  33. Christina Lopenzo

    This product works great. I can definitely tell the difference when I’m not taking them. These work great with the fat burner. I love that these products do not have all that extra junk like other products do. I won’t be buying anything else but unaltered supplements.

  34. RUSS

    This is my first time trying CLA, and I’m glad I went with this brand because it is AMAZING! I have always had an issue with bloating after meals and since using this that has reduced drastically! Plus I’m losing inches and really starting to get my confidence back! I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THIS!

  35. Jim Taylor (verified owner)

    Great product, helped me out a lot in my weight loss results.

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